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Paris Tourist office

A place where you will get all the information about Paris with different maps (free), list of events, daily packaged tours and even help for hotel reservations. A good information is also available on:


Paris has a good network of metro (sub-way trains), buses, trams and special long distance trains such as RER.

There are 14 Metro or sub-way trains numbered from 1 to 14 & RER A, B, C, D, E, etc.
For metro/sub-way train details see:

Ticket Info

Paris visite pass: Within Paris you can think of buying Paris visite pass which provide unlimited travel with bus, metro, RER for 1 day to 7 days.   More information on
There are other passes for some more attractions such as Disney land, Palace of Versailles, etc., which are available on above website.
If you know driving and dare to drive enough and ready to mingle in Paris rush can think of hiring a car.

If weekend & below 25 age take ticket called “Ticket JEUNES with Zone 1 to 5” or Ticket mobilise with zone 1 -5.Usually take ticket depends on zone. Paris is divided into 5 concentric circles. as per places to visit ., take the ticket.. 


Since majority of tourist attractions are located in and around center of Paris and ther, the preferred location for accommodation is in the city center.


List of few affordable hotels in Paris on
Other budget hotels are Ibis, Kyriad, Campanile.
Best way to search for hotels/accommodation is on
  • Usually, in Paris, for a twin bed or single master bed, 2 star hotel the cost is 70 to 80 euros per night.
  • If you book well in advance you can find cheaper deals. Prices also vary on weekends and during holiday season.
  • Book your hotels in advance as hotels  near beaches/rivers, major tourist attractions are in more demand on weekends.
  • Check for cancellation policies if you fear cancellations/change of plan. Good budget hotels like  Ibis, Kyriad, Campanile allow you full refund with certain norms

Youth Hostel

If you want to save on hotel cost, look for Youth hostels, take membership of Youth Hostel India and can book Youth hostel's hostels in Paris (just Google them).

Places to visit

  • Eiffel Tower

How to Reach: RER C or Metro 6- Bir-Hakehim

Time: 1- 2 hrs

Advice: If it is fog, then not useful to get into TOP. you can't see anything...You can climb the stairs (until first floor freely)
  • Luxemburg Park
How to Reach: RER B
Time: 30 mins
  • Notre Dame or St Michael(Famous and very old Church)
How to Reach: RER B
Time: 30 mins
  • Scare cœur (Church)
How to Reach: Anver stop Metro 2
Time: 45 mins
  • Museum (Louvre - Monolisa picture and da Vinci code film)
How to Reach: Metro 1
Time: min half day
  • Champs Elysees and Arc de Trimphe Area
Here you should make a walk in Night. So colourful & have a walk in the street. All branded show rooms to see...Dont forget to visit SEPHORA (big parfum show room)
How to Reach: Metro 1
Time: 1 hr
  • Disney Land
How to Reach: RER A
Time: One day fully
  • Torcadero (aquarium)
How to Reach: Metro 9
Time: 3 hrs
  • La Defence (Sky scrapper building can be seen only here & make shopping AUCHAN)
How to Reach: RER A
Time: 1- 2 hrs
  • Indian Restaurants –Gare De Nord (RER B)
How to Reach: RER B
  • Invalide(RER C)
How to Reach: RER C
Time: 2 hrs
Just take a snap outside the building
  • Tour Montparnasse (Metro 6)
How to Reach: Metro 6
Time: 30mns
  • Opéra (Metro 7)
How to Reach: Metro 7
Time: 1- 2 hrs
  • Metro 1.(Covers  max places)
How to Reach: RER B
Time: 1- 2 hrs
Note: Just take a snap outside the each stop
Bastille, Hotel De Ville, Louvre Rivoli , Palais Royal , Musée de Louvre ,Concorde,Champs Elysees,Arc De Triamphe ,La Defense
  • Château de Versailles (Palace where Laxmi Mittals daughter marriage It takes half day)
How to Reach: RER C
Time: min half day
  • Miniature France (near to Versailles, where u can see all important places in France as miniature)
How to Reach: RER C
Time: 3 hrs
  • Take a trip in cruse
How to Reach: Take near St.Michael, preferably at night
Time: 1.5 hrs
  • Go to pigalle (Moulin ROUGE)
How to Reach: Metro 2
Time: 1 hr
  • Other places of Interest:
A science museum: Cite De Science (Metro 7)
Muse d’Orsay - stadium (RER C)
Stade de France (RER B)

Location of places to visit

Tourist attraction in and around Paris

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Where to eat? (Eateries, restaurant, snack bars)

General information on :

You will get delicious sandwiches, panini, falafel, frites and pizzas almost anywhere in Paris. For tourist on move and looking for different food varieties the best place for eating is outside Saint Michel station on rue saint Séverin (Map) where there are numerous French, Greek, Thai, Lebanese and Mexican restaurants complimented by sandwicheries, Kebab and fast food corners. These outlets are open till 0100hrs in the night