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The best way to travel to Barcelona will be the
Eurolines bus. The ticket is 46 euros if you are less than 26 years old and 53 euros if you are above 26 (no discount card is needed). There are cheap offers if booked well in advance.

Train is also an option but you need the 12-25 card to get cheap rates.

Upto 5 people renting a car is a good option, but if you are more then it will be pretty expensive...


Use the metro to get to the centre of the city, LA RAMBLAS street or the PLACA CATALUNYA, the major tourist attractions. This street is lined up with youth hostels... Any hotel nearby will be ok, just check that it's not located in a very small street.

Language and Food

Don't worry about language or food everyone speaks Hindi there..... (by everyone I mean majority... ) be prepared for a cultural shock... might seem like you are in Mumbai.
You will get amazingly cheap and great Indian food.

Places to visit

In any tourist office (and I think there are a lot in the centre, one in Placa Catalunya as well) you can get more information. You will get free maps there with the important tourist attractions marked... and information on how to get there...
As a general idea I think these are the most important things to see. I think they are too many to visit in a couple of days, specially travelling with a kid, but I give you all so you can choose in which parts you're more interested.  

  • Plaza Cataluña, Ramblas, Cathedral, small streets around

all the centre of the city, nice to walk around during the day

metro stations: Catalunya, Liceu 

  • Colom statue and harbour

Colom statue is located at the end of Ramblas, and there you find the old harbour, with small sailing boats.

Metro station: Drassanes 

  • Sagrada Familia

It is the most famous church in the city, even though it's not finished yet. It's located where the streets Mallorca and Marina cross each other

Metro station: sagrada familia 

  • La Pedrera and Casa Batllo

They're in a street called Passeig de Gracia, they are 2 famous buildings from 100 years ago, and they are close to each other. 

Metro station: Passeig de Gracia 

  • Parc Güell

This is a big park in the high part of the city, with great views. It's free to go in and I believe it's open until 8pm or so.

Metro station: Vallcarca (bit less walking and escalator available) and Lesseps (about 15 or 20 minutes walking from the station, follow the signs).
The best part about staying at LA RAMBLAS is that most important stuff like the under water aquarium and the wax museum are walking distance so you wont waste time and money on travelling...
There is a Gurudwara and a Krishna temple (ISKCON) as well in Barcelona.. for those of you who are missing the bhagwan ki chaya already... ;). The ISKCON temple is located just off La Rambla (Placa Reil).

  • Placa Pablo

It is highly recommended to visit the musical fountain which is not mentioned on the map. It is in PLACA PABLO...... ask anyone on La ramblas and they will guide you. All the best discos and bars .. and the restaurants are on the LA Ramblas street as well...!!

  • Other attractions

  • Rest there is the famous olympic museum and stadium.  
  • The FC barca stade and the museum.
  • The amusement parcs at Tibidado.

Traveling within Barcelona

Tourist bus

There is a bus called "tourist bus", which links all the tourist areas. The ticket is valid for the whole day, and you can easily move from one thing to the other. It's a bus with 2 floors and the second has no roof, so if the weather is nice you get a fast view of the city. The only problem is that there is usually a lot of queue to take it.

Tips: don't travel with a bag behind you, there is a lot of people in the centre and some take the chance of stealing the wallet/mobile phone/ camera from the bags of the tourists. It's enough that you have your bag in a place you can control it. It is highly recommended to keep your valets in the front pockets. Another point is that buy the metro ticket which has 10 displacements and all of you can use it.  The rules are much more lenient than in France.