Tourism and Travel Guide

Looking for tickets to India:
  • Have a look at the following websites: ( online search engine )
and website of travel agent in Paris: Soundar Travels for specific deals.
  • Also do check the websites of airlines. Sometimes they do have special offers.
  • A list of airlines flying to and from the Toulouse airport is here. This will help you look for all the available flight options.
Planning a trip in and around France/Europe:

The best way to explore Europe is by train. EU rail (for overseas visitor) and Inter Rail pass (for European resident) are best options. You can find further information on  this unofficial guide about euro-rail/inter-rail pass. Note that if you have been staying in Europe for >6 months then you can buy an Interrail pass, which is normally cheaper than the Eurail pass. Also note that the interrail pass is not valid in the country of residence.

Click the country of your interest in this map to get further information. You can find list of touristic places and useful tips can be found on the sub-pages under this article.

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