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TV, Phone and Internet

These three pillars of communication today are all packed into one small box. Easy to use and install in France.
If you have a France Telecom line, and wish to benefit from these communication services think about using the Livebox (Orange), Freebox (Free), Dartybox (Darty), SFRbox (formerly Neufbox), BBox (from Bouygues Telecom), Numericable or the Alice Box.
A comparison of the above can be found here.
Most of them also have a few Indian Channels in the TV offer. (sometimes with an additional fee)
Update: As of February 2009, most of these offer free calling to Indian Landline.

The above offers also include interesting rates if you also take a Mobile connection along with the box.

Mobile connection:
There are plenty of service providers in France. The main ones being: Orange, SFR and Bouygues. There are many offers every few days, so keep an eye for the best one to suit your needs.

Apart from the above, several others like Laposte Mobile, Carrefour, Auchan, Simyo, Virgin Mobile, NRJ Mobile, Simplus, Coriolis, Prixtel, Budgetmobile, Darty Mobile, Numericable Mobile, Breizh, Transatel, Elyatel etc. also have interesting offers. Some of these have good offers based on SIM card only (Pre-paid) and a few offer good rates for international calling.
There are new mobile phone operators such as Lyca mobile, Lebara mobile, etc. which offered (as of Nov 2011) free calling to Indian Landline numbers and calling rates starting at 0.01 cents/minute for mobile numbers in India. These offers are dynamic and change every month. See their website for prevalent call rates.
Update: As of January 2012, Free Mobile, SFR Red, B&YOU, SOSH, Virgin MobileZero Forfait and others have introduced new offers based on a monthly plan. Please check the details on their respective websites.
Phone Cards to call India
Two commonly used cards are: Eurolatina and Continental
You can buy them at the Asie bazar and at a few Tabac shops in the city. Both of them cost 7.50 Euros for about the same talk time. They also have a "call back" option which can be used from the fixed phones or France Telecom cabine telephones for best talk times.