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Fresh vegetables and fruits

There are number of open fresh vegetable markets in Toulouse. A comprehensive list of these markets is available on a separate page for "Markets"

Grocery, food items

Departmental stores

  • There are plenty of departmental stores in and around Toulouse.
  • In the city center, you will find a Supermarket every few meters. For example 
  • Use website of these stores to locate the one close to your home/place of interest.
  • Their website also list latest offers, upcoming sales/discounts and sometimes  even provide discount coupons.


In Toulouse you will find big departmental stores such as Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc, Geant etc.

can be accessed via Metro Ligne A (Stop Balma Gramont)

can be accessed via Metro Ligne A (Stop Basso Cambo)


is located at Portet, Labege and Purpan

is located at Blagnac, Roques and Saint Orens

All of the above mentioned stores are all-purpose departmental stores. Most of the shops close early by Indian standards. They are closed on Sundays and on weekdays open till 19h00 -19h30. So be well stocked for the weekend.

Indian Grocery

Indian stuff could be found at the below mentioned shops. Green chillies, which are rare to find in open markets or super markets are available round the year in Chinese grocery stores.

Online Indian Boutique


It proposes a wide range of Indian spices and food ingredients, Indian cooking appliances as well as utensils.
Some spices and food ingredients are also available in larger packs for keen cooks.

A wide range of handicraft products, jewellery and decoration items are also available.

Place your order, pay online and pick it up at their place.

Located in Toulouse, in the Quartier des Sept Deniers, on the Tisseo bus line 16. They are also reachable from Blagnac with the bus line 70.

For any questions, please contact:

Asie Bazar

This is a useful shop in the center to buy Indian groceries like dal, spices, pickles, curry pastes, ready-to-eat stuff, etc.
as well as phone cards to call India, (rent and buy) film DVD's. The address is

Asie Bazar
35 Rue des 7 Troubadours
31000 Touloue
Tel: 05 34 41 63 17
Mobile: 06 20 02 15 84 
Near metro station - Jean Jaures (Line A/B )
Access map:
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La Petit Inde

This is a useful shop to buy Indian groceries like dal, spices, pickles etc.
It opened in April 2012. The address is
19 Avenue de l'urss
31400 Toulouse
Tel: 05 31 54 25 84
Mobile: 06 61 49 54 44 
Near metro station - Saint Agne SNCF (Line B )
Adjacent to "Curry House" Indian restaurant

Chinese grocery stores

There are many Chinese grocery stores in and around Toulouse. Some of the exotic vegetables like "real hot green chillies", ladies fingers, tofu, etc. are available in these stores.

King Fat

This store is located at 3 Rue Denfert-Rochereau, Toulouse, France.

King Fat

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Paris Store

The Paris Store is a giant Supermarket where you can find the Indian fruits (mangoes etc..... :-P) and vegetables apart from the groceries, like dals, spices, pickles, curry pastes etc.

Similar to the above mentioned stores. Also has plenty of Chinese items.

Its approachable from metro station on Line A Bellefontaine.

Paris Store
1 imp André Marestan 31100 Toulouse
Phone : 05 62 11 53 50

Paris Store, Toulouse

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Home decor, furniture


This is located in the suburbs of Toulouse (Roques). Take bus no. 50 from Basso Combo Metro stop and get off at Ecole Roques. You will have to walk 1 to 1.5 km to reach this place. In the map below Point A is the Ecole Roques Bus Stop and the Point B is Ikea.

IKEA Toulouse, Centre Commercial Roques-sur-Garonne, 31120 Roques-sur-Garonne, France

IKEA Toulouse

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The other option to reach Roques Centre commercial is by bus from the gare Routier. See link. Note that this option only takes you there. On the way back you will have to take the Tisseo Bus no. 50.


Located at 13 place Esquirol,  Toulouse just outside the metro station Esquirol on line A


Located at Porte sure Garonne, Blagnac, L'Union and at Saint Orens


Located in the city center behind the Saint Georges shopping complex.

Electronic items, Electrical equipments, etc.

 A few stores specific for electornics in Toulouse are:Darty, Fnac, Selexium

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