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On this webpage we provide information specific to Toulouse.

Primary education schools in Toulouse

Most information can be found at
Information for the kids aged 0-3yrs (Petit Enfance) and Creches can be found at the following link. For more information, please contact the Espaces Petit Enfance close to your home.
Information for the kids aged 3-6 yrs (Ecole Maternelle), 6-7 (Cours Preparatoire), 7-11 (Ecole Elementaire) can be found at the following link
Information for the kids aged 11-15 yrs (College) and 15-18 yrs (Lycee) can be found at the following link
For extra-curricular activities, you can refer to the following link

English Medium Schools

While in most public schools the language of instruction is French, there is one Private International School in Toulouse with English medium of instruction.
There are 2 bilingual Private Montessari schools: 
 Another Bilingual School "My School" or "Mon Ecole" for kids from 3-11yrs of age is located close to Balma Gramont.


Batchelor and higher studies in Toulouse

Université de Toulouse

A guide for higher education in  Université de Toulouse is available here in pdf format
Guides from Campus France is available here.
The cost of living in France for students pursuing higher education is clearly identified on the following link. This link also offers plenty more information. Feel free to dig though it to get your required information.

 Online Textbooks from Indian Educational Board

School text books from