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Medical and Health Care

General information about medical facilities, medicines, etc.

A good compiled information about medical system, facilities in Toulouse is available on "Americans in Toulouse" website under AIT Guidebook: Medical and Health Care

Carte Vitale and Feuille de Soins

The above website also has information on the Feuille de Soins (Medical treatment form) and Carte Vitale.

As soon as you get your Securité Sociale done you will get your Carte Vitale. This will make life much easier for all the medical treatments / payments / reimbursements.

While you have received your Attestation de Securité Sociale (Social Security number) and have not yet received your Carte Vitale, the doctor or Laboratory gives you a Feuille de soins for the payment that you have made. In order to receive the reimbursement of the payment made, you have to complete the form with your details and submit it to the local CPAM. If you stay in Toulouse, you can send it by simple post or deposit it at the office below:

CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie)
3 bd. du Professeur Léopold Escande
Tél. : 36 46 (*Appel gratuit)
Fax : 05 61 62 05 66

How to find doctor in emergency or on week-ends or on public holidays?

France has one of the best emergency medical services in the world. To get the overview of emergency medical services in France, see this article on Wikipedia.

  • If you are in Toulouse

You can call

    • Maison medicales de garde 
      • La Grave: 05 62 88 50 60
      • La Faourette: 05 62 88 50 05
    • SOS Medecins: 3624
      • For emergency medical help in the night after 2000hrs.
      • For medical help on Sunday and holidays when regular doctors are unavailable and pharmacies are closed.
    • ADUM: 05 61 49 66 66
  • If you are in Haute-Garonne region 

Call your family doctor (médecin traitant). In the absence of your family doctor you can can call other doctor (médecin généraliste) near you else you can call 0 805 85 31 31 (valid in Haute Garonne region).
  • If your life is in danger

    • Immediately call 15 “Service d’Aide Médicale d’Urgence (SAMU)" (Urgent Medical Aide/Ambulance Service)
    • At SAMU, an immediate action is taken to send you the help.
    Other useful numbers for medical emergency are

    Fire Department and Rescue (Pompiers) 18
    Police (Gendarmarie Nationale) 17
    Ambulance (SAMU) 15
    Doctor - Emergency (SAMU) 15
    Doctor-Emergency (S.O.S. Medicins) 05 61 33 00 00
    Emergencies - Toulouse East - CHU Rangueil (Hospital), 1 ave Jean Poulhes 05 61 32 27 95
    Emergencies - Toulouse West - CHU Purpan (Hospital), place Dr. Baylac 05 61 77 23 58

    Emergencies - Children - Hopital des Enfants (CHU Purpan) Entrance: 330 ave Grande Bretagne, Toulouse

    05 34 55 84 10
    Emergencies & Weekend - Children - Clinique Cours Dillon (near Prairie des Filtres), 1 rue de Peyrolade, Toulouse 05 62 13 28 28
    European Emergency 112
    Anti-Poison Center (Centre Anti-poison), Purpan 05 61 77 74 47

    Burn Center - Adults (Grands brules adultes), CHU Rangueil, 1 avenue Jean Poulhes, Toulouse

    05 61 32 27 43
    Burn Center - Children (Grands brules enfants), CHU Purpan, Place Dr. Baylac, Toulouse 05 34 55 84 72
    Crisis Center (in French) 05 61 80 80 80
    Heart Attack (SOS Infarctus), CHU Rangueil, 1 ave Jean Poulhes, Toulouse EAST 05 61 32 26 10
    Heart Attack (SOS Infarctus). CHU Purpan, Place Dr. Baylac, Toulouse WEST 05 61 77 21 36
    Severd Limbs (SOS Mains), CHU Purpan, Place Dr. Baylac, Toulouse 05 61 77 21 43
    Night Pharmacy: Open 20:00 - 8:00, 70 allees Jean Jaures, Toulouse (near Place Wilson, entrance rue Arnaud Vidal) 05 61 62 38 05
    24-hour Locksmith (Serrurier de Garde) - Be careful of billing! Ask always before the service is performed!
    05 61 47 61 63
    Emergency Vet: after 19:00 05 61 50 10 80

    Pediatric Emergency Services Clinic

    Clinique Cours Dillon has a pediatrician on the premises available for all emergencies on weekends (from Saturday to Monday mornings). In case of emergency, x-rays and lab work can be done on site. Emergency surgery is also possible and/or directed to a different institution if necessary.

    Clinique Cours Dillon, 1 rue Peyrolade, 31300 Toulouse (Tel: 05 62 13 28 28)

      Where to search for a Doctor

      Searching for the details of a General or Specialised Doctor is now possible from the Social Security website.
      A list of English Speaking Doctors is compiled here. (All credit goes to the source) This list is only indicative and not exhaustive.

      Emergency service in hospitals

      Emergency services are available in following hospitals in and around Toulouse

      CHU: Hopitaux Purpan , Hopitaux Rangueli, Hopitaux des enfants (for child upto 15 years of age), Hopitaux Ducuing; Clinique St-Jean Languedoc; Clinique Ambroise Pare

      Clinique des Cedres

      Clinique d'Occitanie

      Clinique de l'Union

      Hopital de Saint-Gaudens

      Pregnancy, pediatric, dental services, etc.

      • A better source of information about medical and health care system in Toulouse is on "Americans in Toulouse website"
      • These web pages are rich with all sort of information right from
        • Pediatric services, dental services, children and adult vaccination
      • All information pertaining to pregnancy can be found here.

      Some helpful booklets


      This edition was published in April 2006.  It covers topics such as how to receive health care in France, how to look after your health, legal and social assistance as well as practical advice.

      This document was produced by the Department of Work and Pensions and explains the European Community Regulations on social security.
      This booklet has been prepared by members of the Anglican Chaplaincy of Aquitaine. It covers dental as well as medical treatment.
      This vocabulary list was first published in Touchlines.
      Updated in April 2009, it may help you in a stressful situation when your French language skills have deserted you.

      A very useful document produced by CPAM outlining what you have to do and how much you will have to pay when you are admitted to hospital. This is a short description describing what you have to do to make sure that you are covered