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Living in Colomiers

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This page will contain information on life in Colomiers (A sub-urb of Toulouse).
Info on daily living, housing, transport , shopping, schools, medical and health care, etc will be put up here.


The information on this page has been provided by Mr.Sivabalan Umapathy.

About Colmiers in brief

Colomiers is relatively small city (  with approximately 32000 residents. Apart from the Centre Ville (downtown of the suburb) rest of the parts are relatively quiet and mostly residential.  Eastern part of the Colomiers is near the Purpan & Saint Martin commune. Following Airbus main entrances are also near the eastern side of the Colomiers.

·         Usine de Saint Martin du Touch

·         Usine de Louis Breguet

Eastern side has more commercial establishments spread around the localities. 

Southern side of Colomiers is near to Tournefeuille.  North and West sides are bounded by fields and has fewer commercial establishments in the locality (forcing the residents to reach out to the center ville for most of the daily need shopping). International School of Toulouse is located in the west side of the commune.


Foncia manages most of the apartments in the western side of the Colomiers (especially near the International School )

Monne Decroix manages apartments near the school and also at the southern part of the Colomiers.

As of early 2011, new apartments are being built in different parts of the commune.

Finding accommodation

It is quite easy to get apartments near Ramassiers and Centre Ville areas (as new ones are coming up). However finding one near the western part (especially adjacent to the school ) will not be quite easy.

Moreover, no apartments ( at least to the knowledge of few people who live here) are furnished.

If you are looking for an apartment near the International School of Toulouse, then following are some options

·         3 existing apartment complexes adjacent to the school (walking distance ). One more coming up

·         1 apartment complex at a distance of 3 KMs ( near a pond )

·         Few complexes on the north side of the highway (ZI pahin).


Within Colomiers

Colomiers Mairie provides free bus transport within the commune. 8 lines serve different parts of the commune. During weekdays, the buses start at 6 AM, with last departure at 7 PM. Buses departs every 30 minutes.  Sunday and Saturday (and during school vacations, including term vacations) the buses run on a reduced scheduled.  Following site provides detailed time table and clear route maps.

To get in and out of colomiers

Line 64 of the Tisseo buses serves Colomiers. They do not cover the entire commune. However they run though the busiest points of the commune.

In addition lines 21, 32 and 55 leave from Colomier Gare to other suburbs. Line 63 scrapes through Colomiers near the Ramassiers metro station.

Metro’s Ligne C serves colomiers. There are 2 stations Colomiers Gare and Ramassiers.  Though it serves the commune it is not as frequent as the other lines. Approximately the trains are once in every 15 minutes and last service is around 8 PM. And only half of these trains stop at Ramassiers station. Please refer to the Tisseo website for the detailed scheduled.

*Mark Ramassiers does not have a ticket vending machine. So if you are planning to use this station, make sure that you have purchased the ticket in advance*

Transport Tips

Reaching center ville: Line 63 & 64 will service the center ville and the Colomiers Gare as well.   Also most of the free bus lines run through the center ville.

Reaching Airbus: The 21, 63 and 64 can be used effectively to commute to the Airbus Saint Martin and Louis Breguet facility entrances.  Free Airbus shuttles are available from the Colomiers Gare to Saint Martin facility

Driving in Colomiers

Driving inside colomiers is hassle free with no traffic congestions. Colomiers is also signal free (with round-about at junctions). All parking is free anywhere in Colomiers. And ample parking spaces are available near Centre Ville.

Above is a summary of transport options, while complete details can be found at the following link


Daily Needs

SuperU and Carrefour market are located in/near the centre ville. In addition another Carrefour has been opened near Ramassiers station. LeaderPrice can be found on the way from CentreVille to Airbus Colomiers.

Colomier market will be operating till 12 noon at the Open Centre of the Centre Ville area. This is a good place to buy fresh vegetables at a better price.

It is also easy to reach Purpan Carrefour from Colomiers by car or bus (line 64).

General Shopping

There are small shops inside the centre ville commercial area. It’s easy to find the following shops there

·         Bakery

·         Hairdresser

·         Branded apparel shops

·         Photo studio (very helpful to take kids photos)

Household Needs

On the western side, (near the International School of Toulouse), following chains are located.

·         Boulanger (electronics)

·         Conforama, Babou, Leroy Merlin (Household)

·         Decathlon ( sports )

·         Maxi Toys

Schools & Day Care


International School of Toulouse (IST) is located on the western side.  Accepts kids aged from  3+ years. School has section from nursery up to secondary. It is relatively easy to get an admission into the school. However it is advisable to contact them thru email beforehand. Recently the strength at the nursery section has reached to its limit. Complete details can be found on the site. (Note: French refer this school as Lycee Anglais)

Lycee Victor Hugo (Note: French refer this school as Lycee International) is also present in the same area. This school is more of a polytechnic kind of school providing bi lingual classes. This is not the school to go for if one is looking for nursery and primary admissions.

Regular French schools are plenty in Colomiers. They are not English speaking. More information on admission can be obtained by contacting local Mairie.

Day Care

Residents of Colomiers you will be eligible to put your infants in the Mairie Daycare (Maternelle). Even if the person does not have the carte de sejour, producing the visa and residence proof should be enough to get a place in day care. Of course day care is francophone, but it should not matter for a infants.

During summer Mairie organizes day summer camps. Where the kids can be sent for morning ( like they are sent to school). Fun activities are organized during these summer camps. Forms will be available at Mairie.


Leisure Activities

Pond Piegieonnaire

A nice pond with green settings is located near the Perget area ( Westen side ). The pond is a great place to spend evenings in  during spring and summer. Vast green open area is available for kids to play

Lac du Ramiers

Lac du Ramiers is in Tournefeuille but very near to Colomiers. Wonderful picnic spot for all ages and activities. Also has play areas for kids.

Play area for kids

Around the commune, it would be quite easy to find open play areas ( small in size ).

Sport activities

Colomiers Mairie has good facilities for various sports. Residents of Colomiers are free to use this at nominal fees.


2 gyms are equipped with badminton courts. They can be accessed after paying a 90 euro maintenance fees.  The schedule of access can be found in the following site. Badminton classes are also available for all ages at the same facilities with an additional 30 something euro (per year). Registration for the coaching open and close in August. Though the coaches are French it should be easy to go through this if you can manage a bit of French (people are very lovely!)


Well equipped swimming arena is present in the centre ville. The facility can be used by paying a fee of 30 euro a month.  They also offer swimming classes. Registration for the coaching open and close in August.


Simmilar facilities/coaching is available for other sporting activities as well.


Approaching Mairie

Mairie is located in the Centre Ville. Colomier Mairie is not at all crowded, compared to Toulouse Prefecture.  People at reception desk are very friendly and you can manage with English if you start with a little bonjour in French ;). IN addition One Mr.Paul speaks English and will be willing to help you in English.

All documentation related to carte de sejour etc has to be done at Mairie. Then it will be forwarded to the Toulouse prefecture. Mairie will be the single point of contact for all such matters. This is also a problem in another aspect. Since the Mairie acts as a forwarding agent, they have only an high level view of the status. For some reason if the file is stuck in Prefecture, Mairie will not be providing details. Then the person has to approach Prefecture for clarification.

Maisons Citoyennes

There are 6 Maisons citoyennes around colomiers. Primary aim of these are to serve the residents of the commune. Various programmes / activities / classes are organized by these centers. French classes are also offered at these places.

Detailed schedule will be available at



Fast Foods






Medical Services