Yes, we have a hair-cut section. Let's face it. "Almost" each one of us knows in his/her heart that 20 Euros is expensive for a hair-cut! On how many hairy weekends, our mind has slipped into that ultimate philosphical question : "O thee almighty, where can I get a cheap hair-cut?"

Your prayers have been answered here. Partially!

  • Diloy's Saloons cost around 15-17 Euros, if you have their fidelity card (it's free).

  • Imagine you lend your head as a field of training for the future hair-cutting masters!  You still pay the price, but you pay cheaper, as cheap as 7 Euros. These are hair-cutting schools. [ Examples: CFA Jasmin at 2 rue de Chairedon;  L'Ecole supérieure de coiffure Jean-Claude Aubry at 14 place Roguet; ABC D’HAIR at 13 Rue Reclusane] Note: This is not advertisement. Please call and confirm with them before going because offers keep changing with seasons.

  • From Jean d'arc till Place Arnaud-bernard, there are many oriental saloons which charge around 9-11 Euros. They have an ambiance of our small-town saloons with a radio playing in the back. Don't expect a three-course process! It's a single-course plain hair-cut. No shampooing.

  • Still not happy? Buy a trimmer and get a friend whom you can trust your hair with.

Have a Good Hair Day!