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French Language schools

French language institutions in Toulouse

Few options to learn the French language are here:

Free French language courses

Source/Credit: This information is furnished by Mrs. Sheetal D. on 25 October 2011

  • There are different institutions affiliated to "Pole Emploi"  which offer French language courses in Toulouse either  free or with very nominal tuition fees
  • To enroll to the course offered by these institution, first you will have to contact them and take an appointment for initial screening and advice.
  • On a predetermined date and time the institute will conduct a screening test to know your understanding and skills in French language. Depending on your performance you will be advised to take particular level of the course.
  • The course duration is usually from 2 months to 4 months. Institute debars the candidate if he is irregular in attending the course.
  • Most of these institutions do not provide the certificate for the amount of hours you spent with them neither they provide a student status to its candidates. But they do prepare candidate for DILF, DELF examinations.

    • Its only for ladies and they will charge approximately 8 euros per year. 
    • Course/classes are held twice a week. 
    • You can find out more information by calling them.
  • Alliance et culture 
    • Charges: 14 euros per year.
  • AMS 
    • Address: 70 rue du Matabieu 31500 Toulouse
  • GRETA toulouse 
  • APSEM 
    • Charges: 15 euros/year
  • Centre Polyvalent
  • Diapson
    • Address: Centre social de Bagattelle 7 bis rue du Cher 31100 Phone: 05 61 40 16 64