Picnic : Cap Decouverte 21 June 2014

                                                        SUN, WATER and SPORTS, lets meetup and have fun!!


Cap Decouverte  (Click here for the website)

          cap decouverte vert marine     cap decouverte vert marine     cap decouverte vert marine     cap decouverte vert marine                    

                                                                               Click video1 and video2

Games for adults:  

Karting, Paint ball, skate board, Cycling, downhill cycling, rail toboggan, Water Ski, pedal boat, adventure activities, Dirt bike, Petanque, Hockey, football, mini golf. Check the below attached file

Games for kids:  

Mini Karting, Paint ball kid, pedal boat, Tele siege, Diving Zone, Kid adeveture activities, ballons, Aero Trampoline, snow board, Water fountain. Check the below attached file. (Depending on height.)


09h15    : Departure from Toulouse (Bus terminus outside Metro Station Argoulets - metro line A)

10h30    : Cap Decouverte:

11:00     : Games

12h30    : lunch  [ bring your own food ]

14h00    : Games

18h30    : Group picture + Assembly for return to Toulouse

20h00    : Arrival at Toulouse (Bus terminus outside Metro Station Argoulets)


We are planning to hire a bus for this day trip. Participation fee is as follows*: 

·         For Kids>3years  and Adults       : 30 euros

·         For kids less than 3 yrs               : 15 Euros

* Participation fee includes expenses towards onward and return trip to Toulouse by bus and entry fee + all games at Cap decouverte.

* Please be informed that participation fee does not include expenses towards paid services at Restaurant.

* Food is not included in the participation fees. Food and Water is your responsibility and water (No potluck this time) 

* People travelling by their own vehicle are requested to contact Akshath SHETTY  (shetty.akshath@gmail.com  ; Tel: 06 29 64 79 84) for information and guidance.


Registration is mandatory (including payment). The last date for registration and payment of fees is Wednesday 18th June 2014. This would help us in better planning.

Please fill in the registration form (see end of the page) and make sure you pay the money to one of the volunteers identified below: (Registration confirmed only after the payment)

Akshath SHETTY 

Debasmita Mishra  


Priyanka Veeresh


Tajuddin SHAIK


JeanD'Arc, Compans Caffarelli and Amidonniers

Pattedoie, St.Cyprien, Arenes

Colomiers, Purpan, and Saint Martin, Francois verdier

Balma Gramont, Argoulets and Jolimont

Blagnac, Carmes, Esquirol, Capitole and Jean Jaures 


 Tel: 06 29 64 79 84(18h00-23h00)

reena.nitr@gmail.com     06 14 44 62 20  (17h00 -20h00)

prianka.g@live.com      06 27 74 42 04 (17h00 -20h00)


06 26 32 33 83 (18h00-23h00)


06 23 16 29 85(18h00-21h00)


06 26 86 31 19 (18h00-23h00)





1)      The scheduled departure from Toulouse is at 09h15. Please make sure that you report at the departure point by 09h00.

2)      Identity card is a must inorder to collect sports equipments (one of these: Carte sejour, Pass port, French driving license,)

3)      Sports shoes are must. T-shirt and any kind of shorts/pants for water sports, lockers available, carry extra pair of clothes

4)       Disposable plastic plates, spoons, glasses and paper napkins will be provided by organizers.

Due to the currently prevailing hot weather, please make sure that the food you bring is good enough to last till 14h00 on the day and also carry water. Ex: If you are preparing the food a day before then please make sure that you store it in the fridge and bring it the next day, without re-heating it.

 5)      If you are injured during any of these games, organisers will not be responsible.


 6)     All reservations on 'First come, First Served Basis’; !!! Book your seat right now!


[Last minute registration, few seats. Register quickly. Individual Registration] 

 Click here to register !!