Independence day 2012 Picnic

Picnic: 15 Aug 2012 - Castelnau de Montmiral and its surroundings

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Dear all,


Following the tradition of last few yeaars, we plan to commemorate the independence day of India with all new and old Indians in Toulouse. On this occasion we propose a one day picnic to the medieval fortified town (Bastide) of Castelnau de Montmiral. We shall also visit the winery of chateau Lastours, learn how the wine is distilled and will have a wine tasting session too. Afternoon and evening will be spent by the lake side (Base de loisirs Vère-Grésigne) with plenty of games and other activities.


It is a perfect opportunity to get to know each other and to celebrate the Indian Independence day.

Feel free to inform your friends who may not be aware of activities of this group or its website.
We wish to see you all there for the fun filled day.


08h45 : Departure from Toulouse (Departure from bus terminus outside Balma Gramont metro station (metro line A))

09h45 : Visit the Winery of chateau Lastours

12h15 : Visit the Castelnau de Montmiral village and its "Foire au Miel" (market full of Honey products and local specialities)

14h00 : Potluck <lunch> at the lake and base de loisirs Vère-Grésigne

14h30 : Group games, swimming, boating, etc.,...

18h00 : Start return trip to Toulouse

19h15 : Arrival at Toulouse (Drop location: Bus terminus outside Balma Gramont metro station (metro line A))


We are planning to hire a bus for this day trip. Participation fee is as follows*: 

  • For adults above 18 yrs : 20 euros
  • For kids between 4 to 18 yrs : 10 euros
  • For infants less than 4 yrs  : Free

* Participation fee includes expenses towards onward and return trip to Toulouse by bus,  entry fee for winery and wine tasting. Kindly note that participation fee does not include expenses towards paid services at the lake. Entry to the lake area is free, but charges apply for availing swimming, boating, etc., facilities.


Registration is mandatory (including payment). The last date for registration and payment of fees was Friday 10 August 2012. 


Please fill in the registration form (see end of page) and make sure you pay the money to one of the volunteers identified below:

 - Anand Patil (for people staying in the city centre)

    email: anandrpatil143 AT gmail DOT com, Tel: 07 87 65 36 98 (12h-14h and 18h-22h)

 - Tilak Acharya (for employees of Satyam/Airbus and for people staying close to Compans Caffarelli)

    email: tilakacharya AT gmail DOT com, Tel: 06 26 86 31 19 (12h-14h and 18h-22h)

 - Ankit Raj Mathur (for people who would like to pay participation fees by bank transfer and any other questions), 

    email: ankitrajmathur AT gmail DOT com, Tel: 06 69 49 60 12 (12h-14h and 18h-22h)




1) The number of registered participants is 64 adults and 6 children. If you have missed out on the registration and are interested to join us, then do send an email to Ankit Raj Mathur with your names and contact details. Although we cannot promise it, we shall try to make alternative arrangements for you.
2) The scheduled departure from Toulouse is at 08h45. Please make sure that you report at the departure point by 08h30.


3) The lunch is planned on the banks of the lake at 14h00. Disposable plastic plates, spoons, glasses and paper napkins will be provided by organizers.  Do ensure that you get required serving spoons for your contribution for the potluck. Due to the hot weather currently prevailing, please make sure that the food you bring is good enough to last till 14h00 on the day. Ex: If you are preparing the food a day before then please make sure that you store it in the fridge and bring it the next day, without re-heating it.


4) We had received several questions on what the Potluck is and what shall your contribution be?

    The idea is simply to pool in all the food, snacks and drinks that each one of us plans to bring and share it with everyone else.  


5) The fees for boating, swimming, and other games at the lake will be borne by the individual. Please ensure that you are well equipped for the activities you plan yourself.


6) There is place for a picnic area where we are free to play games. Please bring along any games that you think will be ideal for this picnic.


7) If  any one of you would like to organize an event or  group games, you are most welcome. Please contact Ankit Raj Mathur for further planning.


Registration Form


Picnic: 15th August 2012 - Castelnau de Montmiral and Surroundings