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Some of the features of this library are

  • It is an online database of the book/s , DVD/s, Magazine/s.
  • Each library member adds his own book/s , DVD/s, Magazine/s for circulation amongst members.
  • This library is for the members and is maintained by the members.
  • To borrow library item/s one has to be a member of the library.
  • Member can request for a specific item in library collection by writing an email to the owner of the item.
  • Library membership can be requested by filling up a request form (see below).
  • The membership will be offered to individuals upon verification of details.
    • This will also provide an access to the database file whereby members can see, borrow, reserve, recommend library items.
    • Owing to document security issues, the member needs to have google account to view this file.
  • Tasks like lending period of library item, associated cautionary deposit, etc. are decided by the owner of the book and the owner himself monitors and is responsible for related issues.
  • In any circumstances of loss, damage or mishandled library items, the owner will have the right to recur the cost of the concerned item through cautionary deposit.

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Contents: Indians In Toulouse Library

Other sources for English books in Toulouse

Mediathèque Toulouse

Another good source of books is a public library "Médiathèque Toulouse".  It is located just outside Marengo bus station. Along with collection in French language, it has a good collection of books, DVDs and musics CDs in English and other languages. A separate section/floor is devoted to children books, CDs and DVDs.  The library catalog is available on line and items can be reserved, renewed or requested on line.
On site consultation: Library is free for all and books can be consulted on site.


To borrow library items membership is required. The annual library membership fees is 15 euros and is free for persons below 18 years. Further details about library membership is available here.

Open source book

Apart from Google books which allows selective view has a good collection of open source books in English and even in some Indian languages.

Indian magazines available for free on-line viewing

several Indian magazines are available here for free on E-Zinemart.

some of the following information is extracted from Americans in Toulouse

Public library at place Saint Cyprien (Toulouse)

This has a modest collection of books in English for kids. The library is located right next to the metro station Saint Cyprien.

The American library

Located at Université du Mirail, 5 allées Antonio Machado, Toulouse, Tel: 05 61 50 43 18.  It can be reached by Metro Line A.

Odyssud in Blagnac

Has a large library with an excellent selection of children’s books in English. A few videos in English are also available.

Book shops

  • Gilber Joseph Locate on rue du Taur, this book shop has moderate collection of English books.

Gilber Joseph book shop location

  • The Bookshop, 17 rue Lakanal, 31000 Toulouse, France‎ - 05 61 22 99 92

The bookshp location

Used English books can also be found in Saint Sernin and Saint Aubin markets cited on our page named "Market".

Montolieu, the village of books

A quaint village called “Montolieu, the village of books” (approx. 30 km north of Carcasonne) has a myriad of book shops of all sorts: used, specialized, in French, English, and other languages. A British lady, Salley Newman Tel: 04 68 78 87 61, has a used book shop in the village and can also arrange guided tours in English for adults and children. A guide book on this village is here.