Independence day Celebrations Aug 2016

Dear all,

Following the tradition of last few years, we plan to commemorate the Indian independence day with all new and old Indians in Toulouse. On this occasion we propose a one day picnic on 15th Aug 2016 as follows.

  • Visit to pottery factory in PUY L'EVEQUE.
  • Visit to one of the most beautiful villages in France "Saint Cirq Lapopie" (member of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France ("The most beautiful villages of France") association.


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Pottery Factory PUY L'EVEQUE: Click here for more details. 

Saint Cirq Lapopie : Click here for more details. 


07h45    : Departure from Toulouse (Metro Station

                Compans Caffarelli - metro line B, in front of Subway)

          10h00    : Arrival at  “Mannufacture Virebent" Pottery factory

11h30    : Departure from Pottery Factory              

12h30    : Arrival Saint Cirq Lapopie

14h30    : Visit 7 wonders of Saint Cirq Lapopie by boat along river Lot

              Duration: 1h 20min

19h00    : Departure from Saint Cirq Lapopie

21h30    : Arrival at Toulouse (Compans Caffarelli - metro line B)


A bus would be arranged for travel. The tariff are as below *: 

·   Adults     : 30 euros

·   Students  : 28 euros

·   Kids (below 5 years)   : 26 euros

* Participation fee includes :

  •        Expenses towards onward and return trip from and to Toulouse by bus
  •    Ticket costs for boating along the River Lot. 
  •    Visit to Pottery factory.

* City Visits, other attractions, food and miscellaneous expenses are not included in the tariff.

 Everyone must make their own arrangements for food.

* Fee once paid towards registrations will not be reimbursed upon cancellation.


Registration is mandatory (including payment).

Please fill in the registration form (see end of page) and make sure you pay the money to one of the volunteers identified below.  


Aravind Shreyas



 Saint Martin Airbus

 St.Cyprien, Arenes

Compans Caffarelli

07 51 56 73 22


06 04 15 39 54


06 21 17 49 93





    1)          The scheduled departure from Toulouse is at 07h45. Please make sure that you report at the departure point by 07h30.


    2)          Identity cards are compulsory (Carte sejour, Passport)


    3)          People with small babies should ensure to have “Baby carry back pack”


    4)          Kindly carry water bottles, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrellas and swim suits (for people who wish to get into water)


    5)          Disposable plastic plates, spoons, glasses and paper napkins will be provided by organizers.


    6)          Due to the currently prevailing hot weather, please make sure that the food you bring is good enough to last till 14h00 on the day and also carry

          water. Ex: If you are preparing the food a day before then please make sure that you store it in the fridge and bring it the next day, without

          re-heating it.


    7)       We request everyone to take care of themselves and their personal belongings.


    8)        All reservations are on 'First come, First Serve Basis’, Registration closes once the bus is full .Book your seat right now!


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