Chômage (Unemployment)


A person residing in France with a right to work can register his/her name in state owned employment agency "Pole Emploi" to seek an employment.

Also, person having right to work in France and who has served at least for one month in France is eligible for unemployment benefit, commonly known as "l' assurance chômage" in French. Normally, the titre de séjour mentions if a person has a right to work. Look for the words "autorisés à travailler" on your titre de séjour or récépissés.

Note: Persons with titre de séjour/visa status "Scientific" are not eligible for unemployment benefits. However, spouse of a person with titre de séjour status "Conjoint de scientific" is eligible to register for unemployment benefit.

Registration procedure

  • One can register his/her name with Pole Emploi or ASSEDIC using web based service.
    • You will need a valid e-mail address to use web based registration service.
    • After on line registration, you will be asked to provide requisite documents to nearest Pole Emploi office by post or in person.
  • Alternatively, one can take an appointment by calling "Pole Emploi" (phone: 3949).
    • You will be asked to visit nearest " Pole Emploi" office with all relevant documents.
  • If all requisite conditions are fulfilled and all relevant documents are furnished, you will be communicated a unique identification/ reference number.
  • A separate letter endorsing your registration to the list of "demandeur de emploi" and to the list of "chomage" is mailed/emailed to you.
    • After about 15 days, candidate receives "Avis de situation ASSEDIC” and "Justificatif SNCF" which entitles him for free public transport in Midi-Pyrenees region

Documents required

  • A valid titre de séjour
  • "l'Attestation Destinee a l’Assurance Chômage".
    • It is a document provided by your previous company/Institute certifying working hours lodged, salary received and eligibility to apply for unemployment benefit.
  • Resume in French
  • Bank RIB
    • If you do not have an bank account pole emploi offers to open a free bank account for you.
  • 3 French passport size photographs


  1. Pole emploi helps you to find new employment by posting your CV on their web site.
  2. They also provide you counceling sessions, free language courses or skill enhancing short term courses.
  3. l'Assurance chômage (unemployment insurance) is about 60-70% of monthly salary  your received in previous employment. The insurance amount you receive is based on the type of employment, duration of employment, etc. underwent by the candidate. The amount of monthly insurance payment is maximum for first three months and gradually decreases each month.
  4. Free public transport: Registered candidate is eligible for free public transport within Midi-Pyrenees region.
    • To avail this facility in Toulouse,  the candidate must produce photocopy of “Avis de situation ASSEDIC” to TISSEO ticket issuing authorities. Oproduction of this certificate, candidate is provided with a free carte pastel with 6 months of validity from the date of issue.
    • To avail free transport in trains/ connecting bus service, candidate must carry “Justificatif SNCF”.
    • Further details about norms, rule and regulation on the usage of free transport service is available here.

Additional detailed information

The detailed information about unemployment schemes, unemployment benefits, etc., can be obtained from dedicated documentation page of

Credit: Niraja SHAH-SONI, Yogesh PARTE, Sheetal DHARMATTI, Ankit RAJ MATHUR