Invite Family & Friends

There are two ways to invite your family and friends to France.
  • As a Tourist - Book one or more hotels for the duration of stay and use it for the tourist visa application.
  • As a visitor - You will need to send an invitation letter along with an Attestation d'Accueil
The letter of invitation has to be signed by you (include your address in the letter) and should be addressed to your relative or friend (whom you wish to call. Mention the reason for his/her visit along with the precise duration in the content. The complete list of up to date documents required is available on the website of French consulate in India.
Attestation d'Accueil

This is a certificate given by the local Marie indicating that you have sufficient financial resources and enough place at your home to accommodate the invitees during their period of stay in France. This document is useful when applying for a short stay visa for non-professional visits such as tourist, family visit, etc.
In Toulouse, this document can be obtained from administrative office of the Marie de Toulouse
Service des formalités administratives
Hôtel de ville - place du capitole, Cour Henri IV - rez-de-chaussée porte 12
Tél. 05 61 22 32 07 or 05 61 22 32 30
Timings: Monday to Friday 8h30 to 16h45

The officer in the administrative wing will provide you the form for attestation d'accueil (Sample copy here). You are required to fill in the details and produce following documents to support your request:
  1. Copy of your passport and carte de sejour
  2. Copy of passport of the invitee
  3. House contract with surface area indicated and number of people currently residing
  4. Financial Proof like Salary Slips of last 3 months, work contract, bank statements etc
  5. Precise duration of the invitees stay
  6. ANAEM / OMI Stamp of 45 Euros
You will receive an acknowledgment slip when you file an application for attestation d'accueil. If invitees are husband and wife a single application is sufficient however for all other relations separate application must be filed for each invitee. The processing time for your application can range from 3 to 5 weeks. You will be informed by phone once the document is ready and will be required to carry your indentity card and acknowledgment receipt to receive the attestation d'accueil. The invitee has to produced the attestaion d'accueil in original to the French consulate in India to obtain the visa.

Do check for up to date list of required documents here
Some people indicate the following size of apartment is considered adequate to accommodate guests. This is only indicative but most likely the case.
  • For two persons the size should be at least 23 sq. m.
  • additional 9 sq. m for each additional person.