Income Tax

Taxation rules and regulations in India for NRI's

The official web site of income tax department of India government carries useful information on this link.

Taxation rules and regulations in France

  • Official web site of Income tax department of French government for individuals.
  • The better source about Income Tax in France is which give up to date information about income tax in France
    • Excerpts from this site suggest: The French tax authorities (Direction Générale des Impôts) have published a 74 page document in English which explains all French taxation due by residents of France. This includes details on income taxes (corporation tax, social charges and the tax on income), property tax (registration taxes, wealth tax and more), direct taxes (business tax and residence tax - taxe professionelle and taxe d'habitation) and taxes on expenditure such as value added tax (TVA).
    • The document is available as a PDF (last updated 1 April 2005): Click here
  • For a glossary of French taxation terms in English, along with a list of the states with which France has signed a convention for the avoidance of double taxation (as on 1 January 2005): Click here (PDF)
  • The latest document (in French) explaining French Income Tax is available on this link.
  • Following brouchers (in French) about different taxes applicable in the current year are also available.
  • Another source of information is a guide French Income Tax Explained by: Streetwise-France