Getting Married

This is no Matrimonial site. This link is useful once you have found your life partner.
Bringing your spouse to France is not as trivial as in the US, UK or any other part of the world. This will take time (plenty of time) and planning from your side. Gather as much information as possible before deciding on the final path to take. One of the key documents is the Marriage Certificate.
There are plenty of Visa categories in France. Some useful ones to apply for your spouse are:
Regroupement Familiale, Visitor Long Sejour (Dependent), Student or Work 
The Spouses of people holding a Carte de Sejour Competences et Talents or Scientifique are issued a carte vie privée et familiale .
If you are in France and plan to get married in the next few months then find out as much as you can before deciding on the visa to apply.
The Embassy may force you to apply for a regroupement familiale for all cases, hence it is best to print the information on these pages in case you have to discuss your application with them.
For your information,
A Visitor Long Sejour visa does not allow your spouse to work or study full time in a university for the first year.
Regroupement familiale and Vie privée et familiale gives your spouse equal rights as yourself.

Regroupement Familiale:
If you are married (read as: have a Marriage Certificate) and have a Titre de Sejour valid for 1 year, you can apply for this visa at the OFII (Previously called ANAEM).
7 rue Arthur Rimbaud
31200 Toulouse
Tel: 05 34 41 72 20
(Can reach by Metro Ligne B, Station: La vache).
Your spouse need not apply for a visa in India, all the administrative work is done here and the information sent to the embassy in India. This process takes about 6 months.

You can take an appointment over the phone. They can give you the correct information, seeing your status and contract details.

You may need to produce the following set of documents:
Your Titre de Sejour, Address proof, Work Contract, Payslips, your Birth certificate
Birth Ceritificate of your spouse and Marriage Certificate.
If you do not have a Marriage Certificate and Titre de sejour of 1 year, you cannot follow this process.
This visa can be applied as any student. Your spouse can apply for a course here. Either a higher education course (MS/PhD) or enroll in a 1 year French Langugage course. Just keep in mind that the academic year starts in September for higher education courses. Alliance Francaise is a private school which has courses all the year round.
It is important that your spouse applies for a Long stay Visa. Else it will not help her to change her status later.
Once here in France, the spouse maybe able to change here status and continue to stay here with you. Some people have noted that this may not work, as the authorities mention that the change is possible if your spouse had entered France before the Marriage not after Marriage. Phew!!!
Your spouse needs to find work here and apply accordingly.
Short Stay Visitor:
This is one option that you can use. See the page of inviting family and friends for more details.
This will give your spouse a right to stay for 3 months. This cannot be extended or changed. Your spouse will have to return to India at the end of the stay. Also note that this visa cannot be applied again for 6 months.
You can try to apply for this visa while the process of Regroupement familiale is ongoing.